January 10, 2012

Thales' GeoMux SDR waveform provides simultaneous Voice, Data and Blue Force Tracking

News Report

As illustrated in a recent press release, Thales has launched a a new VHF waveform, named GeoMux, which provides simultaneously three main services - Voice, Data and Blue Force Tracking - answering perfectly the interoperability requirement of modern Battlefield Management Systems (BMS). The new GeoMux waveform will become part of Thales’ PR4G F@STNET - Combat Net Radio. Specifically, GeoMux waveform will equip all PR4G F@stnet radio models, i.e. handheld, manpack and vehicle stations.

The Technology

GeoMux is an advanced Electronic Protective Measure (EPM) VHF waveformwhich includes a unique transverse communication capability allowing the radio to operate simultaneously on two independent radio channels. The first channel is used for normal voice and data traffic while the second channel is used to exchange geographical data.

With network centric operation, the need for information increases significantly. Today, it has become essential to efficiently interconnect the various actors in military operations at all levels, from national Joint Headquarters down to soldiers in remote areas. Seamless interoperability is the key word, enabling cooperative operations with allied forces over legacy and future networks. Supporting these new capabilities and offering simultaneous Voice, Data and Blue Force Tracking, GeoMux meets all user operational requirements in a single radio equipment.


With this new waveform in its software library, Thales once again demonstrates its innovation capacity and its skill in software defined radio technologies” said Patrice Caine, Vice President of Thales in charge of radio communications activities.

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