September 14, 2011

Contract Award: EADS Cassidian to provide cyber security components for the United Arab Emirates

References: Defense News, Shepard, Cassidian

News Report

As appeared in a recent news report, EADS has won a contract with its joint venture partner to supply its Ectocryp cryptographic product for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) armed forces command-and-control system, said Hervé Guillou, head of cybersecurity at the Cassidian defense and security division.

The Product

EADS's Cassidian is presenting a selection of its range of defense and security solutions for current and future challenges at the ongoing DSEI Exhibition (London, 13-16 September 2011). As part of the cyber defense portfolio, Cassidian will be showing the Ectocryp family of encryption devices.

Ectocryp Blue, in particular, is a rack-mount HAIPE (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor), produced and capable of protecting data to TOP SECRET and below, (including National Caveats such as UK Eyes Only) over a public infrastructure.

The Context

Under the above mentioned contract, Emiraje Systems, the local joint venture partner, will act as large systems integrator. The UAE will become the first user and operator of the Ectocryp technology outside of NATO.


Speaking at DSEi, Hervé Guillou, head of cybersecurity at the Cassidian defense and security division, announced a first contract for Cassidian's new cyber division, adding that both the UK and French governments were keen to launch an 'MBDA-like' initiative similar to the UK and France's complex weapons cooperation. "Cyber is one of four domains in the exchange of letters between Sarkozy and Cameron, the others being air, ground and cyber. We are very keen to be an enabler at industry level but I cannot go any further as we are still relying on government to government talks ongoing now," he continued.

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