September 8, 2011

Ultra Electronic's PA iQ integrates radio and radar signals for US Air Force C4I

U.S. Air Force Base in Riverside, California (US Northern Command website)
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News Report

As appeared in a recent press release, Ultra Electronics, DNE Technologies successfully integrated radar and secure voice radio traffic across a U.S. Air Force tactical C4 network during the last U.S. Joint User Interoperability Communications Exercise.

The Technology

Faced with obsolescence issues, the Air Force needed to identify a methodology for transmitting low latency radio and radar signals across an IP-based transport network. Ultra Electronic's PA iQ was able to demonstrate a quick implementation solution by transporting the TDM traffic across the IP network and ensuring that the TDM traffic received prioritization over other IP traffic in the network according to the Quality of Service (QoS) policy enacted for the network. In addition, the PA iQ was also used as part of an alternative equipment string replacing the obsolete equipment as a potential future Everything over IP (EoIP) spiral of the air control system.

The PacketAssure iQ Series from Ultra DNE is a family of high-performance switching systems offering a unique traffic management solution that assures delivery of Real Time Services over a communications infrastructure. PacketAssure has demonstrated its ability to enhance or replace IP Convergence Routers, increase call completion rates, simplify router configurations, decrease training requirements and make IP communications as reliable as the TDM networks that they are replacing.

The PacketAssure iQ is a Layer 2 convergence device designed to simplify the QoS Policy implementation of a network and provide management of the bandwidth entering or exiting a location by offloading convergence routers of the prioritization decision making, cross connection and protocol adaptation functionality. This results in more predictable traffic patterns, allows users to retain less expensive routers and decreases the IP training requirements of the network.

The PacketAssure iQ 1000 is currently shipping and is a 1 RU, 18GB switch with up to 18 Ethernet or serial data ports. The chassis offers up to three module ports. The serial module can be used to encapsulate serial data traffic in IP at rates up to 20MB per port or as a serial aggregate for connection to serial modems such as FDMA satellite modems at rates up to 20MB.

The Context

The Joint User Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE) is a world-wide exercise sponsored by Executive Agent Theater Joint Tactical Networks (EA-TJTN).  The exercise facilitates collaboration among Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security, and other federal, state and local organizations to form a Joint Task Force, and/or a Joint response to a natural or manmade disaster.  The exercise is a joint effort incorporating, when appropriate, elements of the Joint Interoperability Test Command, DoD Interoperability Communications Exercise and the Coalition Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration.


We were thrilled to assist the Air Force in evaluating short-term and long-term alternatives for their migration to an EoIP solution,” commented William Berger, Director of Sales for DNE Technologies. “We needed to ensure that the radar, radio and data link traffic received the same predictable network performance in an IP network as it has in a TDM network.”
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