September 22, 2011

Contract Award: ELBIT to increase maritime security at Haifa port with a networked C4I

Haifa Port
References: Elbit (1,2), Israel National News

News Report

As announced in a recent press releaseElbit was awarded an a contract for the supply and installation of a perimeter security system. The system is for the protection of the Haifa port, including the chemicals terminal, as well as the Kishon port and the "Shavit" fishermen dock.

The System

The perimeter security project contract awarded to Elbit includes an advanced command and control system which will enable the interoperability of various security systems, such as surveillance, closed-circuit TV (CCTV) with advanced image processing capabilities as well as electronic fences. The existing security systems currently protecting the Haifa ports will be connected to the new systems to be supplied, all of which will be interconnected to the Haifa Port Security Centre.

The typical solution offered by Elbit for Perimeter Security includes:
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Long range (LORROS®) or medium range (SeROS) day and night electro-optic payload
  • Hand-launched tactical UAVs for day and night aerial surveillance (Skylark®)
  • Integrated control console and processing center
  • Mobile C4I software application
  • Third generation handheld thermal imager for commander (CORAL)
  • Image Intensifier night vision goggles for crew
  • Video surveillance
  • Pan and tilt pedestals (MCS-25, MCS-50, MCS-60)
Mobile platforms enable observation, reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting capabilities by maneuvering the payload to where it is most needed.

Man portable miniature UAVs can be deployed in minutes to provide aerial coverage of areas which are beyond or out of the vehicle line of sight, and pursue and track fast moving targets. All the data from the electro-optic payload and from the UAV is processed in the vehicle's integrated control console.

The Context

The project assigned to Elbit is associated with a multi-million dollar contract to supply and install an anti-terror security system at the Haifa port, which includes a chemical terminal that is a prime target for Hizbullah and other terrorists. The port came under rocket attack during the Second Lebanon War five years ago.


Adi Dar, Chairman of Elbit Security Systems Ltd. said: "We are proud that the IPC and Haifa Ports Ltd. selected Elbit Security Systems to provide the security solutions for the Haifa ports. Our turn-key security solutions build on our extensive experience and understanding of the customers' needs. This new contract for the protection of the central and vital Haifa port, further strengthens Elbit Systems' leading position in offering tailored solutions for transportation and critical infrastructure security and I trust that this contract will lead to additional contracts, in Israel and abroad."

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