December 21, 2011

Contract Award: Panasonic to support digitization of Brazilian Military Police

News Report

As reported by Brazilian Blog Forcas Terrestres, Panasonic has been awarded the sale of ruggedized Toughbook U1 computers to the Military Road Police of Parana (Policia Militar Rodoviária do Paraná).

The Military Road Police of Parana is the first in Latin America to exploit ruggedized portable computers, integrated with applications developed for remote access in cloud computing, in order to modernize the state highway patrol with the use of technology. Panasomic computers were delivered in December, a period of greater movement on the roads, to enhance the security of the population.

The Product

The Toughbook U1 Essential is the original member of the Toughbook U1 family, and is the clear alternative to legacy Windows Mobile solutions when there is the need for mobile workers to operate in the field. The equipment exploits rugged modular design, and a host of integrated options like GPS, Gobi™ mobile broadband, 2MP camera, barcode readers, enhanced outdoor screen viewability, processing power and Windows 7 support.


"The acquisition of computers includes the launch of our online consultation service, which will facilitate access to real-time information, such as police reports and tracking of stolen vehicles, reducing the inspection time from 20 to 5 minutes," said the Secretary for Infrastructure and Logistics, José Richa Filho.

According to Secretary, "with the system, you may take proceedings against offenders in the online site, and registration will be immediately stored in the system of fines, facilitating access to police databases."

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