December 16, 2011

Thales' SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control system

News Report

As announced in a recent press release, Thales has opened the last phase of Mecca’s new 18.5 km metro line on schedule and in time for the Hajj pilgrimage, the world’s largest religious gathering. Thus, the line transports pilgrims between holy sites, reducing travel time between Arafat and Muzdalifah from five hours to just ten minutes.

The Automatic Train Operation system for the Mecca metro improves performance by allowing “hands off” operation by drivers. The solution ensures that trains comply with required track speeds and operating conditions to ensure efficient, safe travel at all times.

Thales has provided a complete solution for the Mecca metro project, including signalling solutions based on its SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control system (CBTC) , fully integrated communications, an Operation Control Centre (OCC) to supervise the line and an automated passenger information system.

The System

With the constant pressure to minimize operating costs and the need to bring system improvements on line faster, many transit operators are preferring the flexibility that communications-based train control technology provides. Answering the call for modern signalling, Thales' SelTrac CBTC offers the opportunity to enhance performance and safety and lower life-cycle costs. SelTrac systems are installed on transit networks around the world.

From fully automated, integrated solutions to upgradeable solutions and overlay re-signalling techniques to reach beyond the limitations of conventional fixed-block designs, SelTrac system solutions readily meet the needs to move more people more quickly and increase revenue potential.

With built-in flexibility, SelTrac addresses the diverse requirements of operators needing basic Automatic Train Protection (ATP), cab-signalling, or CBTC-based operations.


"After managing the security supervision of the holy sites, Thales is very proud to have contributed once again to the improvement of the pilgrimage with this automatic metro,” said Michelangelo Neri, VP for Thales’s civil business in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “The new transportation system developed for the Mecca metro combines all the latest signalling and communications technologies.”

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