February 1, 2012

ATEN's new KVM switches ensure data integrity for government and military environments

News Report

As announced in a recent press release, ATEN launched two new security-reinforced desktop KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches designed specifically for government and military environments where security is paramount. The new CS1182 and CS1184, two- and four-port DVI-based KVM switches housed in a rugged metal enclosure, ensure data integrity when switching between computers operating on different secure networks.

The CS1182/CS1184 are NIAP-certified which complies with the Common Criteria EAL2+ (i.e. structurally tested) for Peripheral Sharing Switch (PSS) Human Interface Devices Protection Profile v2.1.T

The Technology

The new secure desktop KVM switches provide users with hardware security features such as tamper-evident tape, providing a visual indication of any attempted access to the switch’s internal components, and chassis intrusion detection, which disables the unit if only one of the screws is removed. In accordance with the NIAP requirements, all integrated circuits are soldered directly onto the circuit board to prevent component tampering.

From a firmware point of view, the secure KVMs offer restricted USB connectivity whereby non-HID (Himan Interface Devices).  Isolated channel per port and automatic keyboard buffer clearing prevent any cross-computer communication. Lastly, non-reprogrammable ROM protects the unit’s firmware from tampering and reprogramming.


As security threats on government and military continue to rise at alarming rate, so too, does the need for a security-hardened IT environment,” explained James Hsieh, CEO of ATEN. “Our new secure KVM switches, the CS1182/CS1184, provide the means to consolidate multiple workstations of various security classification levels with one keyboard, video monitor and mouse (KVM) console. With hardware and software-based security features built into the units, military, intelligence and federal agency installations can rest assured that their data is being protected on both a physical and digital level.

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