February 14, 2012

Taiwan's Air Defense gets centralised Command and Control

News Report

As reported by Taiwan Today, the Republic of China (ROC) recently announced a plan to consolidate all its military’s missile units and anti-missile operations into a single air-defense missile command, reportung to the General Staff Headquarters. The purpose of the move is to shorten the command chain and increase response time so as to ensure the security of Taiwan’s air space.

Based on the news gathered trhough media reports, the main strength of the nation’s air-defense missile arsenal, including Patriot Advanced Capability-3, Tien Kung and Hawk missile batteries, will be shortly shifted from the Air Force’s air-defense artillery command to the Ministry of National Defense's missile command.

High-ranking military officials said this marks the first major change in Taiwan's armed forces’ air and missile defense operations command structure since the start of 2006, when various types of missile battalions under the MND’s missile general headquarters (now the missile command) were shifted to the air force’s air-defense artillery general headquarters, which is now the air-defense artillery command.

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