February 15, 2012

ST Electronics' SuperneT VICS provides vehicular integration of C4ISR components

News Report

As reported by Digital Battlespace, ST Electronics recently unveiled its new SuperneT Vehicular Communication Systems ST6800 (SuperneT VICS) which provides a network platform to facilitate integration of heterogeneous C4ISR components.

The Technology

ST Electronics' SuperneT family of Integrated Communication System ST6800 (also known as ICS) is an integrated C4 solution that integrates various subsystems to provide seamless data and voice interoperability as well as information dissemination across disparate systems and heterogeneous networks. It allows integration of disparate systems to deliver unified voice, data and multimedia services to fixed and mobile user terminals, as well as interoperability between different agencies to achieve closer co-ordination and faster response, and interconnectivity between remote fixed/mobile command centres and strategic headquarters for more effective sharing of resources and information.

The vehicular version of the product (VICS) is essentially a mobile communication solution that caters for the setup of highly mobile platforms such as patrol craft, armoured vehicles, commercial vehicles, ambulances, etc, and it is is designed to operate in a fast paced and fast-changing network topology environment. This latest system allows for interconnectivity, survivability and interoperability, and is based on an open architecture design that allows systems to be easily upgraded and therefore cuts costs for the customer.

The SuperneT VICS exploits IP technology to facilitate the convergence and integration of voice and data services, and offers a standard gigabit ethernet interface backbone that serves as a common network fabric to connect all platforms' C4ISR systems. SuperneT VICS leverages this gigabit ethernet interface for implementing a secured, fault tolerant dual ring backbone which offers no single point of failure for mission critical operations. This backbone allows for secured communication services including voice and data separation to enhance information assurance.

The SuperneT VICS backbone comprises fully rugged, small form factor intelligent crew stations, radio and Ethernet gateways to facilitate user assess to a comprehensive suite of voice and data services. These services include vehicle intercom, radio access/control, communication rebroadcast, Layer 2 and 3 switching, etc. The SuperneT VICS also facilitates integrated system management that includes frequency, network and equipment management.


"The SuperneT VICS offers an ideal platform for collaboration, providing speed of command and control and enhanced operational efficiency for work groups on wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, and small naval crafts operating in high temp and harsh tactical environments," the Company announced during the last Singapore Air Show.

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