February 1, 2012

Contract Award: Lockheed Martin to provide Network-Enabled Geospatial Intelligence Capability to UK MoD

News Report

As announced in a recent press release, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Lockheed Martin UK IS&GS (Information Systems & Global Solutions) and its industry team, Team SOCRATES, a contract to deliver the Future Deployable Geospatial Intelligence (FDG) Project, that is part of the overall PICASSO programme, which is aimed at providing geo-int capability to national and strategic decision-makers.

The Future Deployable Geospatial Intelligence Capability will provide an underpinning component of UK MoD Network Enabled Capacity, supporting shared situational awareness and the decision support process. The aim of the project is to rationalize and upgrade the current geospatial intelligence capability to meet the projected range of military activities and intelligence requirements, including its closer integration into the wider defence intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance infrastructure. The project will provide enhanced geospatial intelligence capability to support operations in the land, air and maritime domains.

The Context
Team SOCRATES consists of UK companies, including small and medium enterprises, with Lockheed Martin UK IS&GS, as prime, Actica Consulting Ltd, KNK, Marshall Specialist Vehicles, Polaris Consulting Ltd, Safety Assurance Services and SciSYS.

As reported by DefenseNews, sources said the contract is worth up to 20 million pounds ($31.5 million). Northrop Grumman and Raytheon were the other front runners for the deal to provide equipment for the FDG Intelligence program.


We are delighted that the MoD has selected us to lead this critical GEOINT programme,” said Andy Hannam Director CGI of LMUK IS&GS.  “It cements our position as a leading provider of geospatial intelligence services and solution

A spokesperson for the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) IMaGE Delivery Team commented: “Future Deployable GEOINT (FDG) is a vital project that will provide the MOD with improved and enhanced tactical GEOINT capabilities. It is very good news that we are now on contract, and we look forward to it being delivered in 2013.

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