October 14, 2011

Contract Award: Adapx to build Natural Command and Control User Interfaces for US Army

News Report

As announces in a recent press release, Adapx has been awarded a contract by the US Army Research Laboratory's Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC) to build advanced speech and sketch interfaces for course-of-action simulators. The Capturx natural interfaces enable commanders of small units to model outcomes faster and improve decision making without the distractions and data-capture obstacles of today’s complex C2 and C4ISR interfaces.

The contract covers Adapx technology which commanders can use to create digital courses of action by speaking commands as they sketch on digital maps using touch-screen computers. Commanders will be able to enter data into computer simulators by using their standard operating procedures – speaking in natural military jargon and sketching plans and military symbols on maps. With the click of a button, the spoken and sketched commands become digital courses of action for immediate simulation.

The Technology

Capturx Command and Control Solutions enable Warfighters to quickly capture Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data or create digital courses of action using speech and sketch with touch-screen computers in vehicles or Android handhelds when dismounted. With Capturx Forms and GIS solutions, Warfighters can instantly capture and share data written on paper forms and maps using digital pens which integrate data directly into central databases, GIS, and C4ISR systems.

The Context

Capturx was created in conjunction with DARPA and is used by a range of civilian, military and intelligence teams to dramatically speed up a range of map-based command and control.

The STTC is a subordinate organization under the Research, Development and Engineering Command's US Army Research Laboratory that engages with other services, academia and industry to research and mature critical simulation and training technologies to increase Warfighter battlefield readiness and performance.

The center's research focus is technology in the areas of intelligent tutors, immersive learning environments, human agent teaming, dismounted Soldier training, virtual world technologies, mobile applications and medical simulators and simulations.


Warfighters across all echelons can greatly benefit from powerful simulation tools to model outcomes of potential courses of action and make better decisions,” said COL Craig Langhauser, Commander, STTC. “Natural user interfaces can help make these powerful tools more accessible to small units and dismounted warfighters, who need portability, streamlined data input, and minimal distractions.

We’re pleased that agencies continue looking to Adapx and Capturx products for innovative ways to speed up field data capture and collaboration,” said Ken Schneider, CEO of Adapx. “Our new Capturx natural user interfaces for command and control for in-vehicle systems and Android handhelds will make it even easier for Warfighters to capture and share actionable data.

Additional Information
  • Capturx videos (link)
  • Capturx for C4ISR (pdf)
References: Adapx (1,2)

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  1. The contract aims to integrate Capturx into battle command systems, enabling commanders to create their own battle plans by ‘simply speaking and sketching their plans using standard military jargon or symbols. Just hoping that it will not lessen army's commanding ability.