October 14, 2011

Cyber update: the most targeted industry in the world (1.2 billion attacks per day)

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Vincent Blake, Raytheon's head of cyber security in UK, reported during a panel session at the RSA security conference in London that the defense company's computer network came under a torrent of cyberattacks after it began selling missiles to Taiwan in 2006.

"For some reason, a country next door to Taiwan didn't really like that so they got very interested in our IPR," he said. "We've had to very, very rapidly catch up with our own internal networks."

Now, the company sees an incredible 1.2 billion attacks on its network per day, Blake said. About 4 million spam messages target Raytheon's users, and the company sees some 30,000 samples per day of so-called Advanced Persistent Threats, or stealthy malware that seeks to stay long-term on infected computers and slowly withdraw sensitive information.

Last year, Raytheon detected 138 zero-day attacks against some 5,000 employees, he said.

Last week, Blake said Raytheon saw its first cloud-based attack on its network: 20 Raytheon employees received a targeted e-mail with a link to an application hosted with a cloud service provider. The style of attack -- a malicious email -- is a typical social engineering technique known as spear phishing that can give hackers an easy foothold in an organization. Unfortunately, two people clicked on the link, Blake said.

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