October 21, 2011

Finland's Cyber Strategy goes on the Offensive

News Report

As reported by DefenseNews, Finland's Ministry of Defense has drafted a national cyber defense strategy proposal that would provide substantial investment to develop an arsenal of cyber defense weaponry to protect crucial military, government and economic data networks and critical infrastructure.

The plan would increase funding for the military's dedicated Cyber Defense Unit, enabling it to mount cyber attacks on "hostile forces" as part of a counterpunch "Credible Response Platform," which is likely to deploy malware, worms and viruses against attackers on the pretext of "attack being the best form of defense"

The Context

Finland's MoD expects to have a concrete cyber defense strategy proposal to present to parliament in 2012. Specialist organizations within the military, national security and government will contribute to the final strategy, the first parts of which could be operational in 2013.

Finland's decision to bolt an offensive capacity to its cyber defense strategy follows similar developments in Sweden, where the government is considering using comparable measures.

Sweden's efforts to strengthen its cyber defense systems are a response to a malicious denial-of-service cyber attack that rendered various media and government websites inoperative in 2009. The attack targeted police data networks and key government departments.

A similar approach to Cyber Defense is going to be adopted by other Countries. The United States is still crafting a legal framework to guide any offensive moves in cyberspace, months after the Pentagon recently unveiled a broad cyber strategy.


"Attack may be an unfortunate choice of word, but there can be no defensive capability without the ability to offer a counterpunch. The two things go hand in hand," said Lt. Gen. Arto R├Ąty, the permanent secretary at the MoD.

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