October 18, 2011

RemoteView: Textron's imagery and geospatial analysis software

RemoteView's Multi-band Analysis Display
News Report

As reported in a recent press release, Overwatch, an operating unit of Textron, announced the release of RemoteView Pro 3.2.2, the latest version of its imagery and geospatial analysis software with enhancements that better integrate intelligence data and improve the intelligence workflow.

The Product

RemoteView Pro incorporates a broad range of capabilities for intelligence exploitation of geospatial information, including: Image Quality Enhancements, Change Detection Tools, Image Mosaics, Stereo Viewing, Full Motion Video Analysis, Multi-Spectral Analysis, GIS and Vector Integration, Map Composition, 3D Terrain Visualization, and Flight Simulation.

The latest SW version, i.e. RemoteView Pro Version 3.2.2, upgrades the software's Research & Negation (R&N) capabilities into one unified interface for reviewing multiple images simultaneously. RemoteView's GeoCatalog capability is now able to ingest Digital Point Positioning Database (DPPDB) data sets to facilitate locating image pairs, which enable users to conduct precise positioning. Large scale mosaics also are now easier than ever to create with enhancements made to RemoteView's Virtual Mosaic extension.

In June 2011, Overwatch already added the V-TRAC Pro extension and TerraGo GeoPDF production capabilities to its RemoteView Pro software. The V-TRAC Pro extension expands RemoteView's full motion video (FMV) analysis to include live stream capture and automated report generation for FMV exploitation across all phases of analysis on a laptop computer. The GeoPDF software extension facilitates convenient publishing of geo-referenced content to a PDF file, which may then be easily accessed and used by individuals with little or no geographic information systems (GIS) experience.


"Data fusion and sharing across Overwatch's integrated software solutions supports merged data streams, powerful analytical tools, and intuitive displays of the resulting information - creating new and needed capabilities for today's analysts," explained Stuart Blundell, Overwatch vice president of geospatial products and services. "These RemoteView enhancements, together with recently added extensions, come from our listening closely to our customers and then delivering reliable solutions for them to do their important work."

Additional Information
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