October 12, 2011

SAIC unveils GeoRover Mobile software solution

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News Report

As reported in a recent press release, SAIC has developed a new software solution enabling the collection of Geographic Information System (GIS) data in the field with or without network connectivity, named GeoRover Mobile. The GeoRover Mobile solution can be used to collect and edit field data for use by environmental, utility, law enforcement, education, land management, forestry, and government and defense applications.

The Product

GeoRover Mobile is a program that resides on mobile devices (phones or tablets) that operate using the Android platform and integrates available global positioning system (GPS) and Wi-Fi networks to provide current location data and other information. The application enables users to create waypoints, track logs and routes when connected to an internal or external GPS, including Bluetooth, to obtain real-time connection.
The software solution is comprised of the GeoRover Mobile Desktop extension for the Esri ArcGIS desktop application and the Mobile application for Android devices. Using a unique Map-Pack process, the SAIC GeoRover Mobile solution can create maps packaged with other layers to quickly share information between desktop and mobile software applications. The toolbar allows users to easily import and export points, lines and polygons from new or existing feature layers and base maps from raster datasets. Users can also link photos, including geotagged photos, or voice recordings to features within the mapping application.

The list of the features provided by the GeoRover Mobile includes the following ones:

  • Interactive touch screen functionality for adding point, line or polygon features to existing layers
  • Editing of feature classes with domain values set in layer schema
  • Capability to attach photos, including geotagged photos, or voice recording to point, line or polygon features
  • Creation of waypoints, track logs and routes when connected to an internal or external GPS, including Bluetooth, to obtain real-time location
  • Capability to move selected point or reshape a line or polygon feature with versatile vertex editing

"We are pleased to provide customers with mobile GIS solutions for the Android platform, delivering the ability to visualize map content while collecting data even in the most remote locations," said John Thomas, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager. "This new technology demonstrates SAIC's ability to offer cutting edge mobile solutions helping solve difficult problems."

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