October 6, 2011

Planned Acquisition: Norwegian Defence to purchase Thales' Digitised Soldier System

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News Report

As announced in a recent press release, the Norwegian Defence has decided to purchase NORMANS digitised soldier system (Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier) based on the concept that has been designed and tested at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). The Norwegian MoD has asked the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation to contract Thales Norway, with Teleplan Globe as partner, for delivering NORMANS.

The System

NORMANS gives soldiers superior situational awareness, with blue force tracking, navigation, target hand-off, and text messaging. The system enables soldiers to plan and complete operations with speed, precision and efficiency. The concept consists of: NORMANS Light, designed for the individual team members in a Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) squad, and NORMANS Advanced, tailored to the needs of the DCC squad leader and next in command. The improvement in combat effectiveness and safety are well documented.
NORMANS Light (left) and NORMANS Advanced (right)
NORMANS Light provides filtered situational awareness to all soldiers, keeping the weight and complexity of the system to a minimum, thus multiplying force efficiency and providing force protection.

NORMANS Light weights 150g (without cabling), and is powered directly from the radio, or from a central power unit.

NORMANS Advanced supports squad leaders’ command and control. It provides situational awareness and the secure distribution to subordinate units of orders, timecritical information and up-to-date operational pictures. NORMANS Advanced connects to a NATO C4IS through a national C4I System enabling blue force tracking, command and control and combat air support.

NORMANS Advanced weights 450g (without cabling and battery), and is powered directly from the internal battery. NORMANS Advanced supports a number of commonly used map and messaging formats, as well as IP-based communications.

The Context

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) has led a comprehensive program on forming the future Norwegian soldier solution in close collaboration with operational forces and Norwegian defence industry.

NORMANS has been through a 10 year process of iterative development, where Thales Norway has led the industrialisation of NORMANS digitised soldier system with Teleplan Globe as partner. FFI has documented significant improvement in operational effectiveness and increased safety for the soldier with NORMANS compared to the current solution which is based on paper maps and hand held GPS.

As the Prime contractor, Thales Norway will be responsible for delivering information systems to Norwegian soldiers over a 5 year period


NORMANS digitised soldier system will provide Norwegian soldiers with improved situational awareness, improved ability to navigate and will provide effective mission planning. As a result of this soldiers will have increased effectiveness and safety in operations”, says Secretary of State in the MoD, Roger Ingebrigtsen.

Soldier modernisation has been a focus area for Thales over the past 10 years. We have had strong collaboration with The Norwegian Defence, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and a number of Norwegian industrial players in the process of industrialising the future Norwegian soldier solution. We are proud to be chosen to deliver the NORMANS system, and we are looking forward to continuing the close collaboration with Teleplan Globe and other Norwegian industrial players in order to provide Norwegian soldiers with improved operational effectiveness and safety. NORMANS has already gotten attention internationally and we are also looking forward to offering the system outside of Norway”, says CEO of Thales Norway, Glenn Pedersen

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