October 12, 2011

Raytheon promotes its Cyber Operational Training

References: Raytheon (1), GSA (2)

News Report

As reported in a recent press release, Raytheon announced that its Cyber Operations Training has been added to the US General Services Administration catalogue. Federal, state, local and other eligible ordering activities such as NATO can now use GSA to directly purchase Raytheon's cyber training.

Raytheon's cyber training ranges from a three-hour executive-level cyber security course to a three-week advanced cyber practitioner course, and includes hands-on experiential learning in Cyber Battle Labs that allow students to exercise their skills using real-time cyber threat data. Training can be provided through classroom instruction at the customer's site, via online or in virtual environments or a blend of all, with class sizes up to 20 students.


The "1 week Manager Level Cyber Course" ($69,865.00) prepares first line supervisors and managers with a string technical overiew of cyber and cyber related activiites to enhance their understadning and decision making. Sample topics incude: Cyber operations concepts and technologies; vulnerability and risk assessment; incident response; law and ethic for cyber; network effects; cyber C2: hacker culture; understanding web attacks; and more.

The "3 week Practitioner Cyber Course" ($187,045.00) includes lectures, web-based vignettes, modeling and simulation, hands on virtual red force / blue force cyber war gaming. Sample topics includes: 802.11 vulnerabilities; active defense; CNA; CNE; fuzzing; buffer overflows; social engineering and insider threat; pen testing; advance malware detection; wireless exploits; forensics; anti-forensics; root kits; designing secure networks; shell coding; web attacks; advanced persistent threat; incident response; law and ethics; and more.


"As an approved GSA Schedule vendor for cyber security training, we're now able to serve our government customers with a streamlined way to purchase our capabilities-based training," said Steve Teel, vice president for Global Training Solutions at Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC. "This represents an additional approach to how we can help arm individuals and organizations with Raytheon's world-class expertise in cyber operations to address the evolving cyber threat."

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