October 24, 2011

Contract Award: Elbit to provide its Wise Intelligence Technology to an Asian National Government Agency

News Report:

As announced in a recent press release, Elbit has been awarded a $15 Million contract to supply an undisclosed national government agency in Asia with Wise Intelligence Technology System (WiT). The system will be supplied within 18 months.

The System

A highly advanced end-to-end solution, WiT supports every stage of the intelligence and investigation process, including the collection of the data from multiple sources, databases and sensors, processing of the information, supporting intelligence personnel in the analysis and evaluation of the information and disseminating the intelligence to the intended recipient.

WiT is based upon the integration of numerous components, each foremost in their respective fields. The system is based upon a flexible and modular system architecture, which can be expanded with additional functionalities and integrated with other databases and intelligence systems. This architecture implements the Service-oriented architecture paradigm (SOA), i.e. it enables the optimization of resources by allowing the system to expose its functionally as services to external systems and utilizes functionality from external systems.

WiT includes sophisticated security mechanisms for the robust protection of data and information sources as well as safeguards against internal and external threats. A combination of tools that enable real-time monitoring of the system status and handling of system failures. A built-in document life cycle management system and central data repository supports document creation, editing, signing, revision, disseminating and archiving. The system also includes workflow tools to automate procedures and information flow within the organization.

WiT provides advanced tools for supporting every stage of the intelligence process, from planning and direction, to collection, processing, analysis and evaluation, dissemination and re-evaluation.

With respect to the collection phase of the process, WiT is capable of acquiring and processing data from a wide variety of sources and formats, including Humint, Sigint, Osint and Imint. Information is processed and converted to a common format, so that all collected data is stored in a single local repository.

Concerning the processing phase, WiT is capable of processing unstructured and structured data to create a fully integrated situational awareness picture. Tools and capabilities include: Entity Management (entity creation and updates), Entity Extraction (extraction of common entities from unstructured text), Cataloguing (adds key words and categories to incoming information), OCR Scanning (data conversion from unstructured formats), Translation (WiT supports a wide range of languages), Geographic Anchoring (the system anchors data to geographic locations).

With respect to the analysis phase of the process, WiT renders the processed information into a comprehensive intelligence picture. Advanced research and analysis tools include: Information Retrieval, Geographic Search, Link Analysis (it researches and displays connections between entities), Reports, Data Mining, Aggregated/Federated Search (WiT retrieves information from a wide variety of data sources), and Alerts.

Finally, during the creation and dissemination phases, the system supports the intelligence operators with the following capabilities: Operational Intelligence Records (WiT generates detailed up-to-date comprehensive briefings, which include actionable insights and suggestions), Intelligence Reports (tailored to operational and command personnel), Gap Analysis and Targeting (WiT identifies information deficits, to continue the intelligence gathering process), Routing (intelligence is distributed according to policies defined by management or command personnel), and Portal (information is published to intranet portals)


Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, Elbit Systems Land and C4I General Manager, noted: "We are proud to be selected to perform this sophisticated project, based on a system which is one of the few solutions to be field-proven, fully operational and customizable. The new award follows other highly advanced data management systems developed by Elbit Systems, including the Digital Army Program and other various information management systems and we hope that additional customers will follow in selecting our IT systems as their preferred solution."

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