October 12, 2011

ITT's RO-MAP software application for dismounted soldiers

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News Report

As reported in a recent press release, ITT announced the introduction of its new RO-Mobile Awareness Platform (RO-MAP) that delivers advanced situational awareness and text messaging capabilities. The RO-MAP is a software application that is designed to operate on a rugged PDA, smartphone or personal computer.

The product

RO-MAP integrates regional position location information, text messaging and radio remote control into a single application. Designed as a general purpose dismounted warfighter situational awareness tool.

When connected to the satellite based tactical radios, RO-MAP allows users within 100-250 miles to have a common operating picture (COP) similar to the command center. RO-MAP automatically receives the position location information from other beyond line of sight on-the-move users. The position location information is then placed on a zoomable satellite image Each position location mark can be selected for additional information such as: call sign, latitude, longitude, grid position, altitude, climb, speed and bearing.

RO-MAP can also be used as a remote control device for the RO Tactical Radio. All commonly used functions of the radio can be controlled and monitored including speaker volume and networks assigned.
The Context

The first application of the RO-MAP is for use with the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS), an experimental, satellite-based, communications system that incorporates Iridium satellite technology, software, and commercial GPS. DTCS provides on-the move, beyond line of sight communications for dismounted users. The program was developed by US Government to enable US Marines deployed inland to communicate back to their ships.

DTCS's Phase 3, launched in 2011, begins to include “theater-wide” or Global Reach nets, and make infrastructure improvements that allow greater efficiency, higher capacity and improved quality of service.

Iridium itself sees Phase 3 as a strategic investment phase, now that more limited proofs of concept have become an important part of the tactical communications toolkit.


RO-MAP provides integrated mobile awareness to assist warfighters in friendly force tracking,” said Mark Adams, vice president of ITT Commercial Wireless Systems. “This new technology is part of ITT’s continued innovation that delivers communications solutions and advantages to U.S. forces and allies on the battlefield.

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